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This 'sunken' Type 24 pillbox guards the canal at Fordgate, it was built deep into the ground with it's loopholes just a foot or so above the towpath.  To camouflage the pillbox, netting would have been suspended on ropes over the box and the netting would then have been covered with materials (foliage, etc.) gathered from the immediate area thus enabling the box to merge into it's surroundings.

[Map ref. ST 322328]


The front loophole, the box retains most of it's covering of brick shuttering.


Inside the box with steps leading up to the entrance on the right.   To gain entrance you have to walk along a very narrow path around to the rear of the box.  The path is situated above the steep bank of a stream and during the winter months the path is muddy and slippery so if you ever visit - take care.




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