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Southeast of Treborough, at Raleigh's Cross on the Brendon Hills is an old coaching inn, the 'Raleghs Cross Inn'. 

A few yards west of the inn, now closely surrounded by trees, is a pillbox.

[Map ref. ST 03855 34395]

By the roadside there is a gap in the trees which reveals part of the pillbox.  The structure would have overlooked the junction of the B3224 and B3190 roads, the latter runs south down from Watchet on the coast.  During WWII a number of Auxiliary Unit operational bases were located in the remote landscape around Treborough.

In this close-up you can see a loophole and some of the brick shuttering.  Because there is so little of the structure on view, I cannot tell what type of pillbox this is or which direction it is facing. 




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