somerset pillboxes                                  



























Also at Solomons Hollow is this Vickers MMG emplacement.  Looking at the front of the structure you can see it is very overgrown.  The entrance, in the right of the photo, can just be seen with the blast wall to it's right.

[Map ref. ST 2978 2346]


The large triangular gun table on which a Vickers Medium Machine Gun would have been positioned.  This embrasure, at the front of the emplacement, faces westward (280 deg.)


The thickness of the walls can be appreciated in this photo of the north-facing loophole.  The structure has one more loophole, in the rear wall. There are another three Vickers MMG emplacements in this area, at grid reference: ST 2979 2339, ST 2989 2322 and ST 2985 2325.




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