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On Ker Moor, to the west of Blue Anchor, a number of WWII beach defence structures survive.  This Pillbox Variant lies down behind, and to the south of, the embankment of the West Somerset Railway with it's embrasures just peeping over the top of the track.  These photos were taken in April, during the summer months the structure is almost hidden by a thick growth of reeds.

[Map ref. ST 01373 43610]

A wall of concrete filled sandbags, many of which are now dislodged, was built up around the structure's exterior.  There are two large machine gun embrasures, one facing east and the other south-east.  At least one of the loopholes has retained it's steel shutter.

Inside the pillbox, showing the anti-blast/anti-ricochet wall in the middle of the structure and, on the roof interior, narrow lengths of corrugated metal radiating from the middle of the roof.  The interior walls have both brick and block shuttering.  The structure faces south-east and the entrance is low down in the north-west wall.

The large embrasures, in the left and right of photo, are of a similar size to those built into the Infantry Section Post at Blue Anchor.

The current structure is in the left of photo and the next structure, off to the west - see following page, is in the right of photo.

One of the steam trains that provide regular passenger services along the West Somerset Railway from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead, for most of the year, with many wonderfully preserved stations along the route which you can explore at your leisure. 




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