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South-west of Ilton, the Stop Line joined the route of the old Great Western Railway which it followed down to Chard Junction.  This Type 28a is situated on farmland in Merryfield Lane, Ilton, and faces south-west (240 deg.).   Here at the front of the structure is the large anti-tank gun embrasure and, in the left of the picture, the front Light Machine Gun (LMG) embrasure can also be seen.  The other LMG embrasures are hidden by foliage.

[Map ref. ST 3479 1713]

Type 28 and 28a structures would have housed either a mobile 2 pounder, or a static Hotchkiss 6 pounder, anti-tank gun. The large entrance at the rear would have allowed a mobile 2 pounder to be moved out of the structure to a new firing position if the local situation had required such action.  In the upper right of the above picture, a ventilation port in the rear wall can be seen.




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