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At Ilton to the east of the old disused railway embankment - most of which has now been removed - on the site of the old Ilton Halt, lies this 'double decker' pillbox.  The soldiers manning the upper level of this structure would be able to see over the top of the embankment and observe any enemy movement on the ground beyond.   The box faces south-west (201 deg.).

[Map ref. ST 34381 17044]

The left side of the box showing the upper and lower embrasures.   This structure was disguised as a railway water tower during WWII.

At the rear, the upper and lower entrances, with loopholes either side, are reminiscent of the Type 24 design.  Above the lower entrance, metal girders protrude, these probably supported a platform outside the upper entrance which, with the help of a ladder, would have allowed access to the upper level. 



On the west side of the railway embankment there is a line of anti-tank posts - they are now mostly overgrown.




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