somerset pillboxes                                  




























This pillbox has had it's front section ripped out, I don't know why this act of 'official vandalism' took place - perhaps it was another attempt at widening the footpath, as with a box further south.  For the amount of extra footpath gained, in either case, it just wasn't worth it!

[Map ref. ST 318342]


From the front.  September is not the best time to photograph pillboxes but it's a long time to wait until the leaves have fallen and most of this box is overgrown anyway. 


A close-up of the inside. This is a shell-proofed ('thick walled') version of the standard Type 24 pillbox.  The walls were thickened to 3.5 foot and standard Bren gun embrasures were built into the 5 front and side walls.  The rear wall has one rifle loophole each side of the entrance. On the right, in the above photo, is a Bren gun embrasure and at the rear is a rifle loophole.  Along the Stop Line the majority of infantry pillboxes were Type 24's and probably all of these were of the 'thick walled' type.




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