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This 'sunken' Pillbox is situated at Brickyard Farm.  The box was also part of the Creech St. Michael anti-tank island.

[Map ref. ST 277253]





South-east of the previous box, on the road leading to Brickyard Farmhouse, is the site of an anti-tank road block.  The only remaining evidence of this is an extra-tall concrete block standing in a ditch beside the northern side of the road, covered in brambles, and the block (pictured above) which originally stood at the southern side of the road and which was moved after the war to another location and served as a milk churn stand.  The vertical rail road sockets have been covered over with tarmac.  An anti-tank ditch ran through this position, north - up to the Bridgwater and Taunton canal, and south - down to the river Tone.




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