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Although not part of the Stop Line, this structure is included as it was brought into service at about the same time as the Stop Line defences and is situated very near some of them.   The balloon hanger is situated at the junction of Ham Lane and Gaunts Road.  It was operated by the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) and used from 1940 in the development of barrage balloon cable-cutting experiments.   RAE aircraft flying from Exeter Airport and, later on, from RAF Culmhead, near Taunton, took part in the experiments.  The balloons had to be kept fully inflated - hence the enormous size of the hanger.  Ron Smith of Brickyard Farm, Creech St. Michael, remembers seeing a balloon tethered at this location back in the early 1940's

[Map ref. ST 283430]


View from the west. 





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