somerset pillboxes                                  


























Between Axmouth and Seaton bridge, along the east side of the B3172 road, there were many defensive structures.  Situated above the level of the road, those that remain are now mostly hidden from view by hedges, etc.  The structure pictured above has block shuttering and faces north-west (320 deg.) across the River Axe, as in the picture below.

[Map ref. SY 25519 90732]  



A little further south is this structure now partly obscured by trees and facing north-west (306 deg.) across the Axe - see picture below.

[Map ref. SY 25387 90201]



Travelling south for the last time we come to Havencliff  House, which overlooks Seaton beach and the mouth of the River Axe.  Situated south of the driveway is this Type 24 pillbox, partly hidden by trees, etc. The box faces south towards the beach.  I could not take grid references as the structure is on private land.




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